Potential Things and Muskox’s latest reviewed by Textura
Potential Things reviewed by Adequacy.net: “…nice things, but with ambiguous intentions.” Read more here
A nice review from Foxy Digitalis: “…the combination of fun and serious skills are a rare and deadly combination.” Read more here
Potential Thngs reviewed in Exclaim! Magazine (Online):
“…a refreshing focus on melody that bolsters Strachan’s status as one of Canada’s great young composers.” Read more here
Potential Things reviewed by John Crossingham of the amazing Soundscapes record store in Toronto:
“…the sound of a group of musicians engaged in spirited but aware dialogue, and listening in to these proceedings is a real privilege.” Read more here
Potential Things reviewed in Eye Magazine:
“…a welcome salvo in the fight against jazz’s stultification.” Read more here
Click here to read a short interview from Carl Wilson’s indispensible Zoilus blog.
Other Press:
“The evening started out in the front room with the aptly named local jazz quintet Canaille (“riff raff”)…before he explodes, Strachan takes the line and winds it down before steering off into completely different territory, and all the while, the propelling walking lines of Smith, and the dancing and crashing about, the drunken precision and taste of Valdivia…cause the music to be its own entity — but is eventually cued back to the head out. Each song started out as planned, but spiraled out into the wild, where the instruments become bison fighting over a mate, or owls hunting mice in a vale.”
Zoë Guigueno, The Live Music Report (www.thelivemusicreport.com). October 2008
“Canaille, a new project led by Jeremy Strachan….punctures the space with jagged horn blasts, capitalising on the unique acoustics and ambient noise. It is both challenging and dizzyingly disorientating.”
Daniel Nielson, “Global Ear Toronto,” The Wire (www.thewire.co.uk). December 2008
Reviews of Jeremy Strachan, “The Heart of the Matter” (Standard Form, 2007)
“With The Heart of the Matter, Strachan announces himself not only as a major talent in the Canadian improv scene, but one that should be taken seriously in a global context.” Richard Moule, Signal to Noise (December 2007)
“Few musicians possess a body of work as intriguingly diverse as Toronto’s Jeremy Strachan…[his] stamp on this country’s music community is unique.” Vish Khanna, Exclaim! Magazine (October 2007)
“His playing is assured, if not overwhelming, with new and exciting technical developments for the saxophone.” David Dacks, Exclaim! Magazine (September 2007)
“In a relatively short period of time, the 28-year-old Jeremy Strachan has amassed a C.V. of impressive proportions…[The Heart of the Matter] solidifies Strachan’s position as one of our city’s unsung MVPs.” John Crossingham, Soundscapes Music (July 2007)
Reviews of Strachan’s duo Feuermusik
“…an impressively unique vision and a sound light years removed from anything else they or their contemporaries have attempted.” NOW Magazine, NNNNN (out of 5)
“Weinkauf’s spastic attack is the perfect foil for Jeremy Strachan’s mesmerizing woodwinds.” Eye Magazine, **** (out of 5)
“…gloriously like Rahsaan Roland Kirk soaring above Fela Kuti’s entire Afrobeat orchestra…One of the finds of the year.” The Globe and Mail
“One of the more encouraging signs of the Torontopian sensibility.” Exclaim!
“[Feuermusik’s first record] Goodbye, Lucille sounds like nothing else I’ve heard all year, and that’s a fairly respectable achievement considering I’ve heard more weird shit than a sane person could handle.” Foxy Digitalis, (8/10)