Jeremy Strachan

Multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Strachan has been writing, arranging and performing music for over a decade in Toronto. Called an “MVP of the scene” (Eye Magazine), an ““unsung hero”” (CBC Radio 3), and “”major talent in the Canadian improv scene,” (Signal to Noise), Jeremy has quietly become known as one of “Canada’s most “versatile musicians“” (Exclaim!) by working in many genres with dozens of performers. Jeremy currently leads the two active musical projects: Canaille, a tuneful “out-jazz” quintet, and Feuermusik, the critically-acclaimed sax-buckets duo, who have released two records to wide praise. His suite of solo woodwind music, a set of musical responses entitled “The Heart of the Matter” based on etchings by Toronto artist Kati Bond Pretti was recorded at the Power Plant art gallery in Toronto. He currently performs in Muskox, Minotaurs, the Swyves, the Big Sound, sometimes Steamboat, and anyone else who will have him.

Jeremy studied classical guitar at the University of Toronto (BMus, Honors) and later completed a Masters in Ethnomusicology (Memorial University). He sits on the Board of Directors of the Music Gallery in Toronto and was Project Manager for the Canadian Music Centre’s multi-year Composer Portraits:– Influences of Many Musics online initiative. He is currently a PhD candidate in Musicology at the University of Toronto, and was nominated for the 2011 K.M. Hunter Artist Award in Music.

Here’s a list of records I play on and shows I’ve done. 

Jeremy’s myspace